Avril Lynn
Model Data Avril Lynn
DOBMarch 7
Height5' 8"
Weight100 lbs.
Avril Lynn

About Avril Lynn...

phil-fucking-flash When I first saw pictures of Avril Lynn I was absolutely stunned! I know I have a thing for red heads, but friggin WOWEEEE! Yes I know, that word is pretty gay, but her beauty forces me to say things like that. Like most European girls, Avril has a very exotic appeal... she is tall, skinny, red haired, freckle faced, high cheek bones, fair skinned, and her eyes are a gorgeous blue. If this girl does not stop you in your tracks, then stunned... be... I will.

Avril's sexy photo sets are something else. They do not conist of the usual sexual position poses, instead... they are kind of just shot. This makes the sets a little smaller than normal, however, they actually have more impact. Some of these photos are just amazing. Avril captured in a natual state, natural expressions, etc. Speaking of natural, in some sets she wears no panties and you get to see her natural red pubic hair. I forgot how hot the bush was. I wish more girls would just let it grow... lol. So, back to the photo sets... they are very unique and in my opinion... rare and highly collectable.

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The great philosopher photographer... phil-flash
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Avril Lynn
Avril Lynn
Avril Lynn
Avril Lynn
Avril Lynn
Avril Lynn
Avril Lynn
Avril Lynn
Avril Lynn
Avril Lynn

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